MAC Playland Spring 2014 Collection

Launches April 7, 2014 Online and April 17,2014 Counters and Stores

Among MAC’s upcoming spring collection this is probably what I’m most excited for.. according to all those articles I’ve been reading, this collection promises, bright and colorful products.. from yellow to bright reds and oranges, purples and blues… however I wish they would do come in a different packaging..Β after all it’s called Playland!

Red Balloon- Hot Fuchsia – Amplified Creme
Happy-Go-Lucky- Hot Pink- Amplified Creme
Toying Around- Hot Coral Pink- Amplified Creme
Sweet Experience- Bright Pink- Amplified Creme
Playland- Frosty Yellow Gold- Frost
Head in the Clouds- Red Pearl- Frost

Live It Up- Creamy Orange
Lots of Laughs- Creamy Peach
Pure Silliness- Creamy Lilac
Carousel- Creamy Pink
Brightside- Creamy Yellow

PIGMENT- 21$ AM/ 25$ CAN
Hi-Def Cyan
Golden Olive
Ever So Yellow

Process Magenta
Hi-Def Cyan
Genuine Orange
Black Black

Hi Jinks!- Bright Coral
Young At Heart- Bright Pink
For Your Amusement- Bright Pastel Pink

Proenza Schouler and MAC Collab for Spring 2014

MAC and Proenza Schouler Spring CollaborationΒ 

Launches April 3, 2014

Who among you are a sucker for cute packaging! apparently I’m one of you guys.. although I have to say I’m not really excited on the product itself. not only its a bit pricey… probably because its all pro longwear.. and the colors are not that gushable!(if that’s even a word) what I leant to say is that, the colors are not exciting for me. and I’m not really a fan of lustre finish.. Β still I would want to try those ombre blushes perfect for spring and in to summer… :)

mac cosmetics proenza schouler model See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration


mac cosmetics proenza scouler products1 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

Lipstick- 22$ AM
Woodrose- Light beige-y pink (Lustre)
Pinkfringe- Vivid flamingo pink (Satin)
Mangrove- Bright orange-red (Matte)
Primrose- Sheer berry plum (Lustre)

mac cosmetics proenza scouler products2 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

mac cosmetics proenza scouler products3 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

Brush- 38.50$ AM
129SE Brush

mac cosmetics proenza scouler products4 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

Blush Ombre- 30$ AM
Sunset Beach- Pinky coral/ tan ombre
Ocean City- Vivid orange/ tan ombre

mac cosmetics proenza scouler products5 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

mac cosmetics proenza scouler products6 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

Pro-Longwear Eyeliner- 21$ AM
Black Ice
Rich Experience
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil- 21$ AM
High Energy

mac cosmetics proenza scouler products7 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

Nail Polish- 17.50$ AM (oh my..)
Thimbleweed- Pale nude (Cream)
Dayflower- Plum (Cream)
Bougainvillea- Bright orangey- coral (Cream)

mac cosmetics proenza scouler products8 See MAC x Proenza Schoulers Makeup Collaboration

My week in makeup…

I know I have been neglecting my makeup desk lately… As I have found a new business venture… But this past nights, I started doing a little spring cleaning to add items on to my sell and donation pile… Which made me came across my makeup stash… Calling my name… “Play with me”… What can I do… I have to indulge…

Some of my other looks from last week





Blogging back log

Ok I know I have been slacking off for the past couple of weeks.. Or even months.. But I am trying to be a little more productive… This lent I tried to give up as much social media as I can especially FB, I can still post pics on Insta or even share it on tumblr or FB… Other than that, I will limit myself from spending mindless hours scrolling down on my newsfeed,… Instead… I will try to refocus my energy on more important errr more productive stuff like writing and blogging… Again…. :) so stay tuned…

Weightloss Goal: Day1

Happy new year!! So part of celebrating the new year is having a new year’s resolution… I guess losing my baby weight is my primary goal this year which means.. No more getting lazy and no more procrastinating…

Yesterday I’ve started a diet plan… Won’t disclose the name yet to see if it would work for me…

It includes a strict protein diet for some certain days in a week… And what I like about it is it allows you to have a couple (or more) I would like to call Cheat days… As Long as you stick with the time you’re supposed to eat.

1st day morning weigh-in: 200lbs, 40% fat and 40% water.

1st night weigh-in: 196 lbs, 34% fat and 43% water.

So far so good… Oh and btw today is my protein day so… It helped that I didn’t eat complex carbs at all…

I’m hoping this would work for me… Who knows in three months I’m back to my pre-baby weight… Well.. One can only hope! :) I’m keeping my finger’s crossed! :)

MAC HEROINE will be here to stay… PERMANENTLY!

OMG!!! this news totally made my day! no really!!! I don’t thing I can focus on work today just because of too much excitement from this news…

so YES! you heard that right MAC Heroine lipstick is here to stay.. Permanently! that is just something worth celebrating for! well yea I would that’s how much I wanted that shade really bad. been looking for it on ebay, amazon and all the online re-sellers, but the price are just so ridiculous! Imagine a regularly priced $15 lipstick sky rocketed to almost $100 bucks man that’s like 5 lipsticks more!!! no thank you!

It was said to have a pre-launch date on Dec.16 ( and will be available in stores on January 2,2014.

can this day get any better?? well for me I hope… I think le hubby and lil sis are on their way to sephora right now to get me the Naked3 pallette and MAC to get the ririhearts lippies!

how about you? are you excited for something?? :)

MAC Heroine

MAC Heroine