The 3rd Naked Palette… true or not?

Who knew that Makeup is interesting enough that you would see pictures leaked prior to their release dates,  and I thought only phone companies do that. go figure! apparently some pictures of Naked Palette 3 has been circulating around makeup-lovers-community for quite some time now.  and it looks like this. Naked3-1024x765Naked34-1024x679


and I don’t know who is the real owner of this pictures, so I couldn’t give credit where its due.

According to some news, Sephora France has been selling them for a little over a month now, andUrban Decay, the makers of this prestigious line, neither admit nor deny that Naked 3 was a knock off, though  I can’t imagine Sephora would sell something fake, after all it’s Sephora! and it’s in France!

this palette are mostly cool toned eye shadows and on the pinkish undertone, I really don’t know if it would work for majority of skin tones, who knows, I haven’t seen pictures of women who have tried this yet. but then again we are not sure if this is real or not.

therefore I conclude that this palette is real nor fake. It could be that Sephora in France made a mistake and sold it earlier than intended. based on this pictures, which has some sort of red leaves, it could be released the same time as MAC’s ririhearts holiday collection which is about around the end of December. or a little after the holidays which is also the launch of the new Viva Glam Rihanna.

I sorta think that Rihanna is a little over rated for MAC now…but then that’s another story.. so what do you think? is this real or not?

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